Dual Enrollment

In collaboration with our local colleges and universities, DCPS offers its students the opportunity to maintain their high school status while enrolling part-time or full-time at a participating college or university. In addition to being able to take challenging college courses that are not offered at their home high school, DCPS students are given the opportunity to earn college credit that can be transferred to many postsecondary institutions.

All DCPS students are eligible to apply to these programs, and universities make admission determinations based on student applications.

Each participating college or university has a separate application and has set its own admission criteria for Dual Enrollment and College Exposure students, and DCPS serves as the intermediary to facilitate the application process and to provide student support while DCPS students are enrolled in the program. High school counselors and staff are expected to assist students with their applications and are required to sign off on the completed applications.

After graduation from high school, participants are under no obligation to continue academic studies at any cooperating university.
dual enrollment