Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours can be earned via DCPS-approved organizations.

Students should complete this form below once they have completed the hours.

Community Service hours were established in 1992, The District of Columbia’s Community Service Requirement aims to equip students with the necessary skills and abilities for career and educational advancement as well as motivate students to take an active role as leaders in their communities. DC Municipal Regulations require at least one hundred hours of volunteer community service for students to graduate.

Students must complete community service hours through a 501(c)(3) organization or a federal, state, or local agency. Students must also properly document their community service hours by submitting a signed, complete community service form to earn community service hours that count towards the graduation requirement.

Please contact your School Counselor, School-based Community Service Point of Contact, or for additional information regarding earning community service hours.

DCPS Community Service Hours Tracker

9th Grade: 25 hours minimum

10th Grade: 50 hours minimum

11th Grade: 75 hours minimum

12th Grade: 100 hours minimum

*8th graders can receive up to 25 hours before entering high school.


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